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Harness the power of technology to enable community-driven decision-making and secure funding for your initiatives.



Every Individual, Everywhere, Every Moment, Every Chain!

Designed to support community-driven initiatives, Donare enables trustworthy individuals to gather resources for pressing concerns and fund grants. Donare's reach isn't confined to a single blockchain; it's accessible to users across various EVM chains.

The Innovative way to build your DAO

Leverage technology to facilitate community-driven decision-making and raise funds for your causes.

Donare made it easy to fund my million dollar idea.

DeGen Mike@degencode

How Donare Works

  • The Interchain DAO we are constructing is a decentralized autonomous organization designed for supporting community causes—a concept similar to a decentralized GoFundMe platform. Its primary purpose is to aid credible individuals in raising funds for pertinent issues within the community.
  • Furthermore, Donare can serve as a means to allocate funds for grants. Unlike traditional DAOs, which are often fragmented and limited in scope, we aim to create a seamlessly integrated DAO accessible to all users.
  • By enabling both fundraising for individuals and grant allocation, Donare strives to revolutionize the way we contribute to social causes and community development. Through its user-friendly and comprehensive approach, we envision Donare as a catalyst for positive change on a broader scale.

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